Product Overview

All of Air to Water Technology's atmospheric water generators operate on the same technology. These custom-made commercial/industrial machines provide pristine potable water. All of our atmospheric water generators utilize "Dew-Point Intelligence" (DPI) to assure that the evaporator fins stay below dew point as well as save on power usage. From our smallest listed atmospheric water generator, DPI 4-6 to our largest, DPI 18-21, the controls with "Dew-Point Intelligence" set our generators far ahead of the competition.

Listed below are the atmospheric water generators Air to Water Technologies produces and their water production per 24 hours at 75°F/23.9°C and 75% humidity.1 Please take the time to view our presentation of the presentation machine which compares to our DPI 4-6 machine.

DPI 4-61,000 gallons/4,000 liters.2
DPI 5-71,500 gallons/6,000 liters.2
DPI 7-92,000 gallons/8,000 liters.2
DPI 7-9 Mobile2,000 gallons/8,000 liters.2
DPI 9-112,400 gallons/9,000 liters.2
DPI 18-215,100 gallons/19,000 liters.2

We offer many choices to the end user of these atmospheric water generators. Temperature ranges of operation and filter purity are two. All of our machines can be remotely monitored allowing remote changes to the controls for better operation and economizing. By remote monitoring any changes in operation can be detected and often dealt with remotely.

These atmospheric water generators are manufactured in the United States, shipped, installed and maintained worldwide. We welcome all inquires of Air to Water Technologies product line.

  • 1Please see water production charts for each machine.
  • 2Numbers are approximant.