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Since 1998 the founders of Air to Water Technologies, Inc. (Incorporated in 2003) understood that the population of the world was rapidly growing while the amount of global water was remaining constant. Also, it was confirmed that the percentage of potable water was rapidly shrinking. With only enough safe drinkable water for about half of the world's population, we are on a fast pace to a major crisis. There are several websites that confirm the concern about our potable water supply. One site is:

Water has also become big business. Newsweek dated October 18, 2010 states once again that water is the new oil. Please see: This article not only speaks of a new venture to ship water from Sitka, Alaska to Mumbai, India by tanker; but also discusses the extreme problems of water and the effort to turn that into money while getting water to places in desperate need.

Once good water has been polluted in the aquifers and the ocean, more water is required causing yet a higher level of waste in making potable water. Reverse osmosis and desalination are greatly hurting the environment due to concentrated heavily polluted water being returned back to the earths water sources. National Geographic of April 2010 stated: "None of the three (types of desalination technology) will be a solution for all the world's water woes. Desalination inevitably leaves behind a concentrated brine, which can harm the environment and even the water supply itself. Brine discharges are especially tricky to dispose of at inland desalination plants, and they're also raising the salinity in parts of the shallow Persian Gulf. The saltier the water gets, the more expensive it becomes to desalinate." Please see the entire article at:

Our atmospheric water generators leave no harmful by-products to pollute the environment. Please see our environmental statement:

The process that Air to Water Technologies, Inc. uses creates new good tasting water from the atmosphere. The systems of the Atmospheric Water Generators are protected and use the highest quality filters and ozone. This extra step is taken in case someone or something has attempted to create a problem. Please see:

Air to Water Technologies, Inc. has taken proven long-term refrigeration technology and developed technology to produce large volumes of high quality drinking water. The process has been tested and retested now for well over ten years. Air to Water Technologies, Inc.'s first goal was to produce this product. We have the ethics to only produce safe water with the highest quality possible. In addition, Air to Water Technologies, Inc. only has the equipment manufactured at the highest level of quality.

During this testing period, the quality of the machines has always been of the best quality on the market. Many issues were addressed regarding how to produce the maximum quantity for different conditions. This issue required Air to Water Technologies, Inc. to develop additional products so that water could be produced over a wide temperature variance of almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit and under a wide spread of humidity.

Our Presentation Machine in Gilroy, CA can produce between 500 to 1,000 gallons per day, every day of the year when temperature and humidity are appropriate. Gilroy, CA is considered high desert equivalent with some benefits of coastal humidity at night. Other locations would allow this atmospheric water generation to create 1,000 to 2,000 gallons per 24-hour period.

Solar power only works when the sun is out and wind turbine when there is wind. Atmospheric water generators have operating parameters also. Please see:

Air to Water Technologies, Inc. developed "Dew Point Intelligence Technology" that allows customers to control the atmospheric water generation production times and rates. Please see: This technology allows the units to reduce energy usage by 50%-60% typically, but up to 75% (over the competition), thus reducing the cost of production of water while extending the life of the equipment. The other companies operate their equipment at 100% use of energy when on, we do not.

At this point in time the market for atmospheric water in the United States has minimal need for this product except in emergency situations. It was determined that the market was primarily for emergency and temporary situations as well as situations where water quality is an issue. The cost of ground water is extremely low. As long as the quality is fine, then this technology is not needed. In most locations, there are emergency situations where quality drinking water is needed. Hurricanes, floods, tsunamis and earthquakes all create the temporary need for emergency drinking water. In addition, the government has a need for transportable water for the military, terrorist's issues, foreign embassy locations, etc. It makes sense to take the unit to the location, produce the water where the need is, as opposed to continually transporting volumes of water to a location daily.

Other uses are on ships and lifeboats as well as on islands that do not have adequate water supplies. The largest and fastest growing needs for atmospheric water generators are in foreign countries. Locations like Haiti have developed cholera because of lack of proper sanitation. This is a problem now that will last for up to a decade after the disease is controlled.

Air to Water Technologies, Inc. is an intellectual property company with strategic partners that can produce high volumes of custom designed atmospheric water generation at a very rapid pace. There is no job that is too large for this equipment or its technology.

Locations vary with regard to the amount of water that can be produced because of differences in the dew point. Different amounts of moisture in the air (humidity) and temperature will determine the amount of water that can be produced at any given time. To determine your exact needs, contact us at the email address below. For more information, visit our website. All of our equipment is manufactured in the United States of America with our offices in California and Michigan. Air to Water Technologies, Inc. can design and produce air to water generators for any size needed.

Air to Water Technologies, Inc. can produce equipment that is mobile or at a permanent location. Created water can be stored in tanks, pumped into water systems in buildings or bottled. Air to Water Technologies, Inc. or the customer can monitor and control the equipment from a remote site(s). The equipment will not leave any negative by-product such as reverse osmosis and desalination do. The equipment is designed with redundancy so that the equipment will rarely be totally shut down.

When large volumes of high quality water are needed, then Air to Water Technologies, Inc. has a solution that you should research. Large atmospheric water factories can be built to manufacture hundreds of thousands of gallons per day. It is possible to create water at 2 to 8 cents a liter taking into consideration cost of the building and equipment, power as well as temperature and humidity. Our strategic partners have the engineering and manufacturing resources to get the job done. Air to Water Technologies, Inc. does not claim to have the total answer but rather an answer that can truly make a difference.

Air to Water Technologies, Inc.'s technology is truly state of the art maintaining a place well ahead of the competition. Air to Water Technologies, Inc. is continually searching for the means to make improvements through research and development to benefit this technology. Air to Water Technologies, Inc. has taken every step to insure the energy efficiency, water production and the highest quality of good tasting drinking water that is available in the world.

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  • Jeffrey W. Bagley
  • Vice President and Director

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